Easy Vanilla Swiss Buttercream

The perfect recipe for all of your cake decorating needs. Simple, sturdy and not overly sweet - the all-purpose buttercream!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Whisk Time: 20 Minutes

Total Time: 30-35 minutes

Yield Quantity: Enough to fill and ice an 8 inch Cake.

Special Equipment: hand whisk or stand mixer.


4 egg whites (use large eggs and free-range if possible)

300g caster sugar

400g chopped unsalted butter, soft

1 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Over a double boiler, heat the whites and granulated sugar and salt, whisking constantly, until all the sugar is dissolved. Heat this slowly!! You don’t want scrambled eggs!

  2. Place the mixture in a stand mixer and whip on high until a peak forms and the mixture is cool, about 5 minutes.

  3. Turn the mixer to medium speed and add the softened butter a little at a time. Remember, depending on your area, you may need more or less butter. Add vanilla and Mix.

  4. Whisk on high speed till buttercream comes together forming a nice silky finish.


  1. Make sure your butter is soft or it wont incorporate into your meringue well.

  2. Don't let the water in your double boiler get to a rolling boil or you can curdle the eggs.

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